Badminton Through Science




“I met Rohan a few years ago while I was conducting a Badminton workshop in Faridabad. I was amazed with his knowledge of badminton and how he brings sports science to badminton. I can see how his training is developing not only well conditioned players but his approach has built confidence in them. He accurately uses Badminton specific drills and exercises that improves performance and a well designed recovery programs helps prevents injury. I wish more people will benefit from his coaching in the years to come. “



“With video analysis, listed analysis of each problem area, and a custom-designed program which not only included fitness and on court play but correct diet and appropriate recovery plan, my game has seen exponential growth. Rohan sir brings science to every single shot of mine. My game has significantly improved, and I only started in February.



“We started with metered strength analysis along with technical evaluation and rating of all my badminton strokes. Resting heart rate was an unknown concept for me. I started overweight on a program designed for me. Now, not only do I have a chiseled body, I have enhanced my muscular strength appropriately. My playing technique has improved significantly. Rohan sir’s passion for sport is truly inspiring. I wish I had associated with him sooner.”